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Herbal Mix for Joints and Tendons


  • this natural herbal mixture can contribute to an improvement in the lubrication of the joints as well as the strengthening of the cartilage;
  • particularly suitable for supporting horses with joint and tendon problems;
  • supporting the locomotor system can have a positive effect on general wellbeing;
  • composition: Common horsetail 34.00%, chopped rosehips 25.00%, willow bark 10.00%, goldenrod 31.00%;
  • analytical components: raw protein 8.50%, crude oils and fats 1.10%, crude fibre 20.90%, crude ash 11.70%;
  • feeding information: large horses 50 g daily, small horses 30 g daily;
  • mix into feed dry, or as a brew together with the water;
  • feeding duration at least 20 days, can be given all year round if need be;
  • please note the current anti-doping guidelines (EADCMRs) of the FEI;
  • contents: 1 kg.
Product Code: 3911300

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