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Muhldorfer Heucobs, dust free


  • Mühldorfer Heucobs dust-free consist of over 50 different meadow grasses and herbs, which come from areas that are used purely for hay production;
  • gently processed and particularly rich in vital substances, Mühldorfer Heucobs are dust-free, a raw fiber-rich basic feed for all horses;
  • the quality hay set from Upper Bavaria is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers;
  • dust-free Heucobs are ideal as a roughage alternative or for poor basic feed quality;
  • due to the special processing of these hay jobs, the horse's swallowing reflex is delayed;
  • Mühldorfer Heucobs dust-free are pressed more firmly than Heucobs medium and do not need to be soaked before feeding;
  • feeding dry promotes long chewing and thus supports optimal salivation;
  • as a hay set, 0.5–1 kg per 100 kg body weight daily. As complete food for allergy horses, around 1.3 kg per 100 kg body weight per day. Soaking is not necessary for dry feeding. Feeding dry promotes long chewing and salivation.
Digestible protein: 4.5%.
Digestible energy: 5.9 MJ DE / kg.
Starch content: 2.2%.
Sugar content: 7.8%.

Composition: 100% meadow grass (high temperature dried, pelleted).

Analytical components: 9.30% crude protein, 2.30% crude fat, 27.90% crude fiber, 8.00% crude ash. Natural product, values ​​can vary from lot to lot.

Product Code: MUHL heucobs

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