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Pivo Pod Equestrian Edition

Become a better rider with Pivo.
Progress with your riding and have fun at the same time. Pivo uses AI tracking to make sure you're always in frame, allowing you to capture smooth, quality video of you and your horse — completely hands-free.

Includes: Pivo Pod, Tripod, Smart Mount, Travel Case Mini, Travel Case, Remote Control
Bundled Apps & Features: Pivo+, Pivo Play, Pivo Cast, Premium tracking feature

Your new AI-powered training partner.
With faster rotation, 6 tracking speeds, Horse Tracking, and a suite of powerful apps, Pivo Pod is the world's best AI-powered smartphone mount and a reliable performance tracking tool for equestrians.

Pivo keeps your practice on track.
With intelligent Horse Tracking and faster 360° rotation, Pivo Pod ensures you're always in frame, tracking every pace and movement so you can analyze your whole routine in all its glory.

Quick enough to track every trot.
Pivo Pod takes only 4 seconds to complete a full rotation. That's enough speed to keep up with you and your horse — so every part of your practice is easily captured. And with Pivo's reliable tracking software, it's like having a personal trainer to follow every move.

Say hello to long-distance training.
Make a video call while you ride with Pivo Pod. Horse Tracking keeps you in frame while you move around, so your coach can watch and give real-time feedback during remote lessons.

Picture perfect on the move.
Smart Capture automatically takes photos of you while you ride. That means no more asking a friend to take photos or painstakingly scrubbing through videos to take screenshots. Put your Pivo in Photo Mode and use voice commands, gestures, or your remote to trigger the camera.

Level up your recording.
Lightweight and easy to assemble.
Pivo Tripod makes it easy to capture your ride in all its glory. The telescopic neck extends up to a height of 5.19 ft/160 cm so you can capture the best angle. Just attach your Pod and smartphone, then start riding.
Stable tripod. Smoother footage.
Adding weight to your tripod increases stability and reduces shake when creating content. Pivo Tripod Weight makes it quick and stress-free.

Capture the best angle.
Smart Mount is the essential Pivo accessory for capturing the right angle when you ride. Tilt 25° forwards and 90° backwards to get the best shot.

Take your sound further.
Ideal for video calls with your coach while you ride. Pivo Wireless Mic is a multi-functional, ultra-compact, wireless bluetooth microphone with convenient clip-on design.

A connection you can rely on.
The latest in Bluetooth technology means you'll stay connected, and sound clear even when recording from a distance.

  • 200 FT/60 M RANGE
Clear calls with your coach.
With an ultra-long transmission range of 200 ft/60 m, Pivo Wireless Mic gives you the freedom to focus on your riding and still be heard loud and clear from a distance.

Carry your Pivo Pod, Remote, and Tripod.
This lightweight case can be easily carried by hand or hung over the shoulder with an added strap. It's made of durable vegan leather to provide long-term strength and reliability.
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