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  • PectoSyllium Muesli

PectoSyllium Muesli

Over Horse
- 25%

  • grains of sand and other contaminants enter the horse's alimentary tract with feed, depending on the specifc environmental conditions;
  • some og the sand is removed with feaces, but some remains in the alimentary tract and accumulates in the intestines;
  • this accumulated sand frequently causes colic;
  • use: for the first treatment: administer 125g of PectoSyllium Muesli 2x/day for 6 consecutive days (whole treatment 1500g). To sustain the effects: repeat the treatment once a month, administer a half of the dose of the first treatment - 125g of PectoSyllium Muesli 1x/day for 6 consecutive days. Preventively for horses at risk: administer 65 g of PectoSyllium Muesli 1x/day, added to the feed or seeds;
  • composition: psyllium seeds, linen seeds, oats. Raw protein 8,5%, raw fiber 4%, raw fats and oils 6%, raw ash 5,5%;
  • 1,5 kg.

Product Code: OH-pectosylliummuesli

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