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  • BRONCHI EQUUS is a preparation with protective and supportive actions on the respiratory tract;
  • the carefully selected composition of 5 herbs and organic acids alleviates irritations of the upper respiratory tract and inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria;
  • when administered during periods of enhanced activity of pathogens in the respiratory tract, it supports immunity and protects the mucosa of the thorat and larynx;
  • due to the use of Eucalyptus purpurea, it reduces the risk of inflammation and has an expectorant effect;
  • at the same time, the preparation supports the treatment of pulmonary infections such as bronchitis or pneumonitis;
  • the preparation is especially recommended during colds, influenza, bronchitis and pneumonitis;
  • use: 500kg horses: 50ml/day for the first 10 days, 25ml/day for the following 20 days. Foals: 10ml/2x day for the first 10 days, 15ml/day for the following 20 days. In adult horses the preparation is sufficient for 30 days of treatment, in foals - for 60 days of treatment. Administer the preparation with feed, drinking water or directly into the mouth;
  • composition: pentose, sodium chloride;
  • 1000 ml.

Product Code: OH-bronchiequus

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