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KERALIT Undercover

  • KERALIT Undercover is a care paste to prevent horn disintegration processes at the white line, frog, sole, bars as well as hollow walls. The paste is ideal for horses that are kept in open stables and often stand on wet ground! KERALIT Undercover creates a constant, thrush-inhibiting environment where it is applied. It is particularly suitable when orthopaedic shoes with hoof inserts and silicone pads are in use. Protects throughout the entire period the shoes are in place.
  • KERALIT Undercover can be used by farriers, barefoot trimmers and horse owners.
  • Blacksmith/ farrier use: When cutting out, the rotten loose areas are cut out in a U-shape with the inside knife. The shoe then sits later like a lid on the groove. In addition, scrape out deeper indents with a horseshoe nail to remove as much loose, rotten material as possible. The KERALIT Undercover is then smoothed into the resulting cavities. If the shoe has a plate and silicone inserts, the sole and frog should be thinly coated with it. Shoeing then proceeds as normal.
  • The frog area and defects of the white line can easily be treated by oneself. It is also ideal for open stabling in a damp environment. Treatment is only necessary 1-2 times a week, as KERALIT Undercover adheres very well in the cavities for several days. Prior cleaning of the grooves with a spatula and cellulose is decisive for a good result. After that, press the paste as deeply as possible into the grooves and cavities with a spatula or rubber glove.
  • If applied correctly, KERALIT Undercover remains in the hoof for several days and thus creates a constant, thrush-inhibiting environment, even in open stables in damp surroundings!
  • Hazard information: H315 - Causes skin irritation. H319 - Causes severe eye irritation.
  • Content: 235 g
Product Code: W3906103

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