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ASSORTMENT - We offer various high-quality horse riding equipment, horse care products, feeds, supplements and stud farm goods. Also, we never forget dogs - constant companions of horses, so we can offer comfortable dog beds, rugs, supplements and other goods for them. Waldhausen, USG, Muhldorfer, Mountain Horse, Busse, Chevaline, Equistro, Country Pet, Tecna, Wintec, Bates, Ekkia, Roeckl, Horseware, Kieffer, Konigs, Likit and other companies wide assortment will fit not only for advanced riders and horse lovers, but also for a beginners.

Fashion is inseparable from the supply we offer. Every spring and autumn our company presents new collections for the riders and their horses. Our customers are the first, who gets information about new and fresh colors, models and innovative ideas.