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Muhldorfer Heucobs Medium


  • the ideal hay set for all horses, especially for allergy sufferers or old horses, to soak;
  • Mühldorfer Heucobs medium consist of over 65 different meadow grasses and herbs, which come from areas that are used purely for hay production;
  • carefully processed and particularly rich in vital substances, the Mühldorfer Heucobs medium are a very raw fiber-rich basic feed for all horses;
  • the quality hay set from Upper Bavaria is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers or old horses (after soaking);
  • Heucobs medium are ideal as a roughage alternative or for poor basic feed quality; Heucobs medium must be soaked before feeding;
  • use: as a hay set, 0.5–1 kg per 100 kg body weight daily. As complete food for allergy horses, around 1.3 kg per 100 kg body weight per day. Note: Be sure to soak. Mixing ratio 2: 1 (water: Heucobs).
Digestible protein: 4.5%.
Digestible energy: 5.9 MJ DE / kg.
Starch content: 2.2%.
Sugar content: 7.8%.

Composition: 100% meadow grass (high temperature dried, pelleted).

Analytical components: 9.30% crude protein, 2.30% crude fat, 27.90% crude fiber, 8.00% crude ash. Natural product, values ​​can vary from lot to lot.

Product Code: MUHL heucobs medium

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