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Set Premier E and Pure Ground Ginger

- 20%

  • set Premier E, 1.5kg (EPpremierE1.5) and Pure Ground Ginger, 1 kg (39047000).

Premier E, 1.5kg:

  • premier E is a concentrated Vitamin E supplement for horses and ponies needing the highest levels of nutritional input;
  • premier E is a powerful anti-oxidant formula which helps mop up free radicals in the muscle tissue;
  • premier E also helps build healthy muscles and aids fertility;
  • high vitamin E content for natural peak performance;
  • four key ingredients in a glucose base;
  • assists in the maintenance of fertility in brood mares and stallions;
  • helps to maintain healthy muscle tissue.

Pure Ground Ginger, 1 kg:

  • takes positive effect on the muscoskeletal system and general well-being;
  • enhances the metabolism and movement;
  • the included substances (gingeroles) act anti-inflammatory;
  • pungent substance/gingeroles 1,25-2%.

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  • Set Premier E and Pure Ground Ginger
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