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  • MSM is essential for the health and elasticity of the connective tissues surrounding the joints;
  • sulphur is an essential part of all living cells, including amino acids, vitamins and cartilage;
  • however many sources of sulphur are not efficiently absorbed and used by the horse;
  • methyl sulphonyl methane (MSM) is sulphur in it’s organic form as found in the horse’s natural diet (including grass and trees);
  • MSM is rich in bio-available sulphur, vital for the health of soft tissue, tendons, ligaments and muscle;
  • feeding MSM at the recommended rates ensures the correct levels of sulphur are donated to the areas where it’s most needed, such as the soft tissue elements of the joint;
  • NAF only use premium quality MSM, provided by UFAS accredited suppliers to ensure a high quality, safe product;
  • use: feed for maintenance of healthy joints, tendons and all connective tissue, Horses & Ponies     Loading rate (7-10 days) 32 - 40 g per day, Standard Maintenance 8 - 24 g per day;
  • composition: Methyl sulphonyl methane.
  • analytical constituents: Sulphur 33.7%;
  • content: 300 g.
Product Code: NAF msm

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