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Mucopur prebiotic, 2 kg

- 20%
  • Grain-free supplement feed for stomach patients, holistic support for stomach problems and sensitivities or gastritis;

  • Mucopur prebiotic can exert a health-preserving function on the stomach due to its composition of beneficial herbs and optimally acid-binding ingredients and support the horse with an inflamed gastric mucosa through the unique combination of herbal functional substances;
  • in addition, Mucopur contains the local superfruit sea buckthorn, whose valuable antioxidants, especially vitamin C, can contribute to robust health and overall constitution;
  • supports an intact gastric mucosa and binds excess stomach acid;
  • with L-tryptophan to reduce stress;
  • with local superfood sea buckthorn;
  • contains fermented Jerusalem artichoke, which is rich in inulin.

Composition: lignocellulose, flax cake flour, carrot chips, 10% Jerusalem artichoke (fermented), chamomile (ground), anise, fennel, fenugreek seeds, 1% sea buckthorn extract, linseed oil.

Use: daily 24 g per 100 kg body weight spread over 2 meals, mix with the crib food. In order to achieve an optimal effect, it should be administered for at least 3 weeks. A longer or permanent feeding is possible.

Analytical components: 11.77% crude protein, 2.85% crude fat, 34.64% crude fiber, 4.36% crude ash, 0.26% phosphorus, 0.29% calcium, 0.14% sodium.

Product Code: muhl mucopurA

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  • Mucopur prebiotic, 2 kg
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