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Hi Gloss Gel for tail and mane - (KOPIJA)


  • choosing Hi Gloss is choosing a superb quality product;
  • almost no other product in world combines the 7 most important properties for a shiny and voluminous look, better for competition, show or any other event, than Hi Gloss;
  • ideal for "heavy" cases;
  • with conditioner and fresh lavender scent;
  • Hi Gloss dries quickly, detangles fast;
  • gives hair great volume, a wonderful shine;
  • it doesn't attract dirt and has non-sticky W/O water-oil formula, made with micronised silicones;
  • all the properties and attractive price will make Hi Gloss your favourite product;
  • this product will fulfill your expectations;
  • for wet and dry hair;
  • braids remains possible;
  • invisible layer with long lasting effects;
  • freshness;
  • skin friendly;
  • dirt and urine repellent;
  • feels soft as silk.

Product Code: HIGL5056

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