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Herbal Mash - for a sound intenstinal flora



  • Especially tasty mash, consisting of a variety of herbs to ensure a sound digestion. 
  • The dietetic feed is especially useful to feed to horses who are prone to colics and constipation.
  • Activates the digestion.
  • Feeding recommendation: up to 500 g per day.
  • Quantity: 2,5 kg
  • Composition : black oats, barley (toasted and rolled), wheat bran, lin seed, molasses, Topinambur-concentrate, Anise oil, Mintoil
  • Analytcal Components: Raw proteine 11,64%, Raw oil and fat 4,11%, Crude Fibre 7,64%, Phosphor 0,45%, 
  • Calcium 0,11%, Natrium 0,04%
  • Feeding Instructions: 
  • Soak approx. 500 g in hoat water for about 5 minutes. Feed while warm. 
  • Store in dry and cool place. Use-by date valid when stored cool and dry. Keep out of sunlight.
Product Code: 3907100

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