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Gel Rise Hinten Acavallo®

  • high-quality wedge-shaped pad for the back area made of special soft-gel material with continuous rise to 50 mm to balance the saddle by atrophy of the back muscle, age-related hollow back of the horse or to compensate bobbing saddles;
  • no additional fixation of pad necessary due to anti-slip surface on both sides which avoids slipping of the saddle cloth and the saddle;
  • recommended use: between saddle blanket and saddle or with additional gel pad as underlayer;
  • good shock-absorption for pressure reduction and protection of back muscles;
  • anatomic design and very high material elasticity for perfect fit to spine as well as easy handling during saddling;
  • light-weight, skin- and fur-friendly, silicone-free;
  • extra durable, easy-care (gentle cycle up to 30°C);
  • measurements (length/width): 32 x 37,5 cm (can be individually cut, due to cutting edge).
Product Code: b116714

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