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Pasta Electrolyt Booster

- 45%
  • dietetic Feed for Horses. Chevaline Electrolyte Booster is an oral paste for short term mineral supply, equilibration of liquids and for the regulated balance of Electrolytes;
  • ingredients: dextrose, propylene glycol, sodium carbonate, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, Additives per kg: 650.000 i.U.Vitamin A, 1.400mg Vitamin E, 50mg Vitamin B1, 83mg Vitamin B2, 50mg Vitamin B6, 165mcg Vitamin B12, 30mg Vitamin K3, 6.300 mg Vitamin C, 500mg nicotinic acid, 165mg Ca-pantothenate,16mg folic acid, 3.300mcg biotin, 5.000mg cholin chloride, 1.600mg iron, 12mg copper, 85mg manganese, 85mg zinc, 30mg iodide, 0,85mg selenium, 0,20mg cobalt, 1.250mg herbal flavour.
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