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Chevaline herbal Bronchial Syrup


  • liquid Supplement Feed for Horses Chevaline Herbal Bronchial Syrup is designed for application at convalescence;
  • highly energetic components as dextrose and molasses offer fast available energy, magnesium optimizes muscle functions and lysine is an essential amino acid for the built up of protein within the organism. Finally there is added a mixture of valuable natural herbs which is proven to stimulate appetite and supports horse's bronchial functions;
  • consequently the feed take up and the feed-in of essential nutrition is optimized. Composition: Propylene Glycol 25,00%; Dextrose 10,00%;
  • Suggar Beet Molasses 5,00%; Magnesium Chloride 2,50%; Moisture 46,30% Content of Ingredients: Raw Protein 1,40%, Raw Fat 0,50%, Raw Ash 5,60% Raw Fibre 0,10%, Additives per kg: L-Lysine 1-Hydrochloride 10.000mg; herbal essences (watery extracts of Thyme, Chestnut, Chamomile, Fennel, Primrose Root) Sodium Propionat.

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