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Trek Slim Sole Hoof Boot


  • Cavallo’s Trek Hoof Boots are the most flexible, durable, breathable and user friendly addition to the Cavallo hoof boot collection;
  • Slim model sole width is 5mm narrower than sole length;
  • the honeycomb design of Treks maximizes strength and minimizes weight for the comfortable performance your horse deserves and are great for the relief of chronic pain or hoof sensitivity, rehabilitation from injuries, abscesses, navicular disease, laminitis / founder, punctures, sole bruising and contracted heels;
  • upper Features;
  • replaceable Velcro closure;
  • ultra flexible Pro Mesh moulded TPU Upper;
  • available individually, can be right or left hoof;
  • easy on – stays on – easy off;
  • padded leather on inside bulb for extra comfort;
  • excellent hoof protection for the barefoot horse;
  • absorbs shock so your horse’s legs don’t need to;
  • promotes healthy hooves: allowing expansion and contraction with weight bearing and promoting nutritional blood circulation;
  • specially formulated high performance thermo plastic urethane (TPU) compound provides total hoof protection, shock absorption and abrasion resistance;
  • built-in sole relief: integrated high density inner rim supports load-bearing hoof wall, relieving minimum pressure off sole, bars and frog;
  • built-in drainage for water, mud and sand;
  • moulded in back flap for bulb protection and abrasion resistance.

Product Code: Cav trek slim

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