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Simple Regular Sole Hoof Boot


  • Regular model is for horses with natural round shape;
  • Simple Hoof Boots are Multi-Purpose Hoof Boots, excellent for protecting your horse’s hooves on hard, rough terrain;

  • the ultimate protection for the barefoot horse, great for comfort for chronic pain or hoof sensitivity, rehabilitation from injuries, abscesses, navicular disease, laminitis / founder, punctures, sole bruising and contracted heels;
  • can be used for protection during trailering and breeding or taken on the trail as a “spare tire” for lost shoes;
  • lightweight;
  • built-in drainage;
  • simple to put on and remove (even with arthritic hands!);
  • stays securely on hoof;
  • shaped for the natural hoof (needs no inserts or shims);
  • simple front fastening with industrial grade Velcro® closures;
  • genuine leather upper is comfortable and flexible;
  • molded-in back flap for bulb protection and abrasion resistance;
  • durable construction: Waterproof thread, rustproof metal and high-performance TPU outsole;
  • allowing expansion and contraction promotes proper blood circulation;
  • softee leather foam-filled collar;
  • unique outsole;
  • outside tread pattern supports the hoof wallcross-section-of-sole;
  • all-terrain tread minimizes build-up of mud, sand and debris;
  • excellent traction while still allowing natural movement;
  • center of outsole is recessed to minimize pressure;
  • high performance, specially-formulated thermo plastic urethane (TPU) compound provides maximum protection, shock absorption, durability, and abrasion resistance;
  • raised inner rim takes pressure off sole, bar and frogs.

Product Code: Cav simple regular

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